Texas Personal Care Alliance

After months of advocacy, discussion, and negotiations, Texas lawmakers have approved the largest investment in Community Care Attendants in nearly two decades. Please let our state leaders know that we appreciate their support.

The nearly $2 billion commitment in the 2024-25 state budget will help increase wages for these dedicated caregivers. This will give them a clearer path to stay in the jobs they love, strengthen their communities, and empower older adults and Texans with disabilities to continue living with dignity in their homes.

The Legislature is also clearing the way for potentially higher wages in the future by requiring a rate enhancement study. This can help us make an even stronger case for Community Care Attendants when lawmakers convene again in 2025.

We thank state leaders and budget writers for recognizing these Attendants’ deep value to their clients, communities, and the state. We encourage Attendants to thank lawmakers directly through letters and emails.

These caregivers are Texas’s unsung heroes.

Without them, many aging adults and persons with disabilities would be unable to stay safely in their homes and would have to move to expensive nursing homes. Texas can’t afford to lose any more of these caregivers to better-paying jobs — and is taking a big step forward through the new state budget.