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Texas’ Personal Care Services program provides everyday assistance for 50,000 elderly and mostly low-income Texans. Caregivers go into homes to assist clients with basic tasks from shopping for food to cleaning to taking medicines.

However, caregivers cannot continue to do this difficult work for low wages — especially when pay is rising in other fields and inflation is driving everyday costs even higher. Their hourly pay rate is set by the state, and in 2023, lawmakers funded the first rate increase in 16 years.

This commitment by state leaders was an important first step and is making a difference. But it’s not nearly enough. Texas must continue to invest in these dedicated, hardworking caregivers.

Otherwise, Personal Care Services will start to diminish — leaving more of our elderly population to seek care in nursing homes, which would take them out of familiar settings and raise costs for Texas taxpayers.

Join our efforts to push for investments that will help elderly Texans and the dedicated professionals who care for them!

Personal Care Services offer a more familiar, cost-effective way to care for aging Texans. Regrettably, this model of care is starting to crumble. Now is the time to take action.



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More About The Issue

These dedicated caregivers frequently become the most important figures in the lives of Texans, who are often isolated from family and friends.

Increasing the rates paid to Personal Care services caregivers would ensure these frontline workers are there for the elderly Texans who depend on them. It would help our seniors, help our dedicated caregivers… and help the entire state of Texas.

Join our Alliance and make your voice heard!

No one understands the impact of Personal Care Services on the lives of Texans more than the attendants who provide it and the clients and families who receive it. Read and watch their stories here – and learn why it’s time for Texas to invest in these dedicated, hardworking caregivers.

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